Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Glory Road

Not sure what the guy's name is who plays the lead, Joshua something from Sweet Home Alabama. He plays a basketball coach who wants to lead a AA school to victory. In order to coach in this premium league he has to go to a HS that offers very little money and conviences. What he finds is something money can't buy - heart. He takes a group of rough players and teaches them the skills to be better men on and off the court. It's based on a true story and offers some good excitement and lots of mellodrama including racial tension.

It's an uplifting story. Just as in life, in the movies, you want to see people who've worked for success obtain it. You already know the ending but it's entertaining to get there. You may cry a little, and laugh a little, just the kind of stuff a movie should have you do every once in awhile.

Worth the money: $$$$

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