Sunday, November 25, 2007

Beowolf: 3D

This was very interesting. I waited the whole time to see what Angelina would look like as Grendel's Mother. They put more pounds on her in 3D, she's like 100 pounds right now, so that was nice. I remember reading the book but hating the old English and was foggy on the storyline but as the movie played on, it came back to me. This movie was gross, so it you hate gore even animated, then don't see this movie.

The 3D was cool in some spots but it was hard to watch the movie all the way through with the 3D glasses. Just not used to it, I guess. I got tired of the bloodshed. The story was too simple. The CGI was cool but I like real actors... Still, it was fun to see something different to start the holiday movie-going season.

I won't ruin what little bit of the storyline there is for you. If you like stories on heros and lots of gore, this is the movie to see. Be ready to pay $15 to see it. Gotta pay for the glasses.

Worth the money: $$$

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