Friday, September 29, 2006

The Last Kiss

Zach Braff is very cute asshole in this film. I say that because men freaking out about having kids and getting married makes them assholes- in this movie anyway.

The girl from THE REAL WORLD, Jacinta, is in this film. Not sure if she's been in movies before this. She wanted to be a model back then and wasn't up to the task of early morning shoots etc. Now she's in a movie with Napoleon Dynomite as well this year.

Anyway, the two here are a happy couple in their 30's who are having a baby but not ready to get married. Michael (Braff) goes to his friend's wedding and meets Kim (Bilsten) and Kim pursues him. She's a college girl who reminds Michael of the best time of his life - his college years. And although only 8 years older, his world is getting very adult and he feels as though there aren't any more surprises. His life is what he planned it to be and he wonders if that's enough for him. Will this really be his last kiss?

Through the process of spending time with Kim he realizes what's really important to him. The people around him are also dealing with relationships and marriages. In this show everyone struggles with their own fears and expectations. And like life, the outcome isn't always a happy ending.

Apparently this movie is a remake of an Italian Film. Braff is a charming asshole in this movie which he fully admits as his character Michael on several instances. Turning 30 with a lot of grown up responsibility and are you ready to really be an adult? is what the film questions and answers.

I liked this film much better than THE BREAK UP for many reasons. First not as depressing and also because Braff just is a likeable guy and comes off as someone you want to like on the screen even if his character is flawed. But I guess we can all relate to him since we're all flawed when it comes with dealing with other people. It's true men do things on their own time. When they're ready they're ready and there's no rhyme or reason and it drives women nuts.

Anyway, this film might make you cry, make you angry, or make you hopefull - what else could you ask for?

Worth the money: $$$

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