Thursday, January 13, 2011


I first saw Garrett Hedlund in Georgia Rule with Linds back in 2007. He played a good, country, Idaho guy vs Lohan's bad, city girl. Not sure I noticed his talent but he sure was cute. So now he's starring in TRON, a movie about special effects more than substance. Still can't make out his acting ability but he does have a nice body. I didn't see Friday Night Lights (It's on my Netflix que) so I reserve judgment. Needless to say, we'll definitely see him in more plum roles - like in Country Strong. He's kind of eating the microphone which Justine Batemen did in Satisfaction from the 80's. But I'll give this guy a break. His eyes sure do sparkle. And I think he's going to be a big star. He certainly has steady work.

Back to the movie. TRON. Jeff Bridges, Kevin Flynn, plays a father who discovers a new world through a video game. One he creates and gets lost in mentally and physically. He tells his young son about his discovery and the principle characters in that world, then disappears leaving Sam in charge of a big high-tech business. One he's not terribly interested in. Then Kevin's old friend receives a text from Kevin and urges Sam to reconnect with his father. He believes that Kevin is alive. Sam pursues this notion and discovers the world of TRON. A digital world unlike any I've ever seen. It blew me away. Visually stunning, it captured your interest at every gladiator game and with almost-human, virtual characters who had evolved to build of world of not so fun and games.

Olivia Wilde from HOUSE, M.D. plays Kevin's right hand woman who holds the key to the world he loves. As the three- father, son and friend- try to outrun the dangerous world of digital chaos, we find the truth that can end one world and propel the other into a new age.

It was a fun ride. I highly recommend seeing it even though the story line could have been better. But oddly enough it fit the digital world - not quite 3 dimensional but imaginative.

Worth the money: $$$

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