Monday, May 31, 2010

The Backup Plan

I admit I've seen some of J. Lo's movies including The Wedding Planner and Maid in Manhattan. This one was in the same vein as her movies usually are— light or mildly funny.

I found this to be a little boring. It's what I expected but I guess I'd rather have seen it on pay per view than pay $15 to see it. On second though, seeing Alex O'Loughlin without his shirt off might be worth at least that. Not sure I've seen him around before. But he at least made the movie bearable. The puppy dog looks he gave J. Lo were adorable, though not as good as the ones Ewin McGreggor gave Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge.

If you're into cute things such as babies, toys and the things that go with it, you might enjoy this movie. Not saying I dislike those things but it was pretty cliche so I found myself not routing for them to be together. I knew they would because that's what the movie was about. I also knew it'd have a tidy ending. So, if this is still out in theaters and you want to see it, be sure to drink a soda to keep you awake for the scenes without O'Loughlin in them. J. Lo wasn't bad. Just the story kinda was ridiculous in places.

I'm sort of thinking Leap Year is in the same vein as this movie. I'm going to rent that one though since I missed it in theaters. I think at least I could get a tour of Ireland in that one.

Worth the money rating: $$

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